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Tupelo Youth Soccer Association


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What equipment will my child need? 
A. Your registration includes a t shirt that will be provided to you on the first night of games. Outside of that, players will need to bring a soccer ball and water, and wear athletic shorts/pants and comfortable shoes. Players may buy soccer cleats and shin guards, but it is not required. If you plan to register for soccer this fall, shin guards will be required. If you'd like to go ahead and make that purchase, that is up to you.

Q. How can we be best prepared for our first night? 
A. Make sure your child is wearing proper equipment when they get there. Having to put on equipment takes out of the time of activities. In addition, make sure they go to the bathroom before heading to the fields. If a player needs to go to the bathroom the trainer will find the child's parent to take them to the bathroom. Hopefully going to the bathroom before will eliminate that step. 

Q. Who is my child's coach? 
A. We will have assigned trainers that will work with your child's group each night. The groups will be separated out by age and gender for developmental groupings. 

Q. How long is the program? 
A. This program meets on Tuesday nights for 6 weeks. 

Q. Why training activities? Why don't we play games for the duration? 

A. We use training activities as a means of getting kids excited to play. Sports are not just about the game for 3-4 year olds. It's about developing coordination, inspiring their imagination and having fun. We will end each evening with a brief scrimmage to expose players to the playing format for their next year of recreational soccer. 

Q. I am interested in coaching. How can I get involved? 
A. For this program, we have assigned trainers that will be working with their groups but we are happy to have assistance. Kids get really excited about being active and having an opportunity to play. With that, their attention can move from one thing to the next very quickly. Our trainers will embrace efforts that assist in keeping the players attention and keeping players with their group. In addition, we are always looking for coaches at all levels. If you are interested in being a coach for your child or a trainer in the future, feel free to reach out for more information. Contact Laura Kramer at (662) 841-6440 or [email protected]

Q. How old should my child start playing soccer?
A. There is no right or wrong answer to this question. It depends on the child, their interest and maturity. US National Team Player, Alex Morgan, didn't start playing competitive soccer until the age of 13. The great thing about soccer is that it is great for young kids and tends to keep their attention better than activities that require a "wait your turn" mentality. We will do activities that incorporate as many kids as possible to keep them engaged (one ball, one player activities). The concept of soccer is simple and kids often take to it as young as 2 years old. 

Q. Is there a way I can help? 
A. This is our third year offering this program. We are very excited about the interest we have seen so far and look forward to further expanding this program. There are a few ways in which you can help as a parent: 
1. Tell us about you experience. We are always looking to improve our program and provide something that is simple and easy for parents and FUN for the players. Input is appreciated to help this program thrive. 
2. Encourage people you know with "tots" to register and participate in the program. Soccer is one of the few sports in our area that is offered to kids in this age range. It is a great way to keep your kid active and get them excited about sports. 
3. Volunteer! We are always looking for anything from team moms to head coaches. Your support is what makes our soccer program so great!

Q. What if my child doesn't enjoy soccer? 
A. There is a chance that your child will not enjoy soccer. I always encourage families to "stick it out" for the season because you never know when it might "click" for your child. If it just doesn't work out, I would still encourage you to give soccer another shot in a couple years. Sometimes the child's current developmental state factors into their interest. Giving it a couple years could re-spark their interest down the road. Bottom line: Don't give up on it! A child's interest at 3 years old may not be the same as at 6 years old.

Q. My child is shy, how can I encourage them to get involved? 

 A. Every child is different. As a parent, you are more equipped to know what works for your child and what doesn't. However, here are some tactics that we suggest to help your child overcome their nerves and enjoy themselves: 
1. Join them on the field. Our trainers will always embrace parents being a part of the training activities. Particularly if it helps your child build confidence to play. Your participation in the activity could help your child join in. 
2. Cheer them on from the sidelines. You are the most meaningful person in your child's life. They want to know that you are excited to see them excited. Keep in mind that for some children, that could distract them to where they struggle concentrating on the activity. 
3. Give some distance. Some children will be totally distracted if mom/dad are close by. Even providing the distance of being at another field in the first few minutes of their activity could help them get started. However, I wouldn't suggest leaving the complex entirely.
Ultimately, the best tactic is something you'll have to weigh out as a parent. You know your child best, we just want to support what is best for them.

Q. What is the value of soccer/sports? 
A. Soccer and sports as a whole have a variety of benefits for your child. Playing sports keeps kids active, builds confidence/self esteem, helps with coordination and exposes kids to social situations. Sports can develop lifelong friendships and meet kids that they may not have had the chance to otherwise.